SydJS Meetup

SydJS Meetup

Welcome to the SydJS Meetup. If you're in Sydney and into JavaScript, you need to join our meetup!

Jul 2020

JavaScript Open Source: How I wonder what you are


We know that Open Source Software is a great way to ensure that the best minds get to work on the best solutions to make the best outcomes for all Developers. But what does it take to make a successful Open Source solution?

It's more than a great idea and great execution. It's more than performance and responsiveness — both for the software and the community. But how much more?

We're lucky to have two maintainers of two popular and extremely useful Open Source JavaScript Projects here in the SydJS Community in Sydney, and they're joining us to give us some insights into what it took to become a success, and what it takes to keep that success.


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Alex Reardon Avatar

Gazing upon 20,000 stars

The cold air rushes past your shoulders as you step outside into the night. You pull your jacket tight around yourself as you take one step after the other away from the house. After what feels like a few moments of lost thoughts you look up and gaze into the clear night sky in all its brilliance.

Hi there, I'm Alex, and I am the creator of the `react-beautiful-dnd` (`rbd`) open source project. `rbd` recently hit the milestone of 20,000 stars on Github. I was lucky enough to be able to mostly focus on `rbd` for about two years. In this talk I will be sharing some opinions that I have formed on what it takes to do open source software well. My hope is that my experiences and opinions would help you on your journey of creating great software

by Alex Reardon
Jed Watson Avatar

The Value of Open Source

Jed wrapped up ReactConf AU by discussing the sustainability of Open Source Software, the value OSS creates for us all individually and as a collective, and then proposed some small steps we can all take to ensure the future of our vibrant community.
If you missed the conference — and even if you didn't — don't miss the event

by Jed Watson

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