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New year, new Developers

While SydJS thinks it's great to be entering our sixth year as Australia's favourite programming community meetup, we think it's even better that each year there are more and more new Developers joiing our ranks.

Whether those groups assemble, are self taught, or come up thorugh the ranks in turn, they each bring new perspectives and new challenges to being a JavaScript Developers. And this month we're going to celebrate those challenging perspectives.

From choosing a technology stack that accommodates the newest members of your team, to understanding what it means being new to Development after ES6, to looking at a challenge with a clean slate - this month we'll have to thinking back to your first Hello World.

  • Amy Simmons
    Guide to the care and feeding of new developers

    by Amy Simmons

    In November 2015 Amy surveyed junior web developers to find out how they could be better supported in the workplace. Find out about what Amy learnt and about the site that has her findings.

  • David Lewis
    Overcoming Blank Document anxiety

    by David Lewis have just finished a project with quite a rich UI, which means a lot of JavaScript to run the show. The project was put together by three Developers, two of which were very junior, but all of whom hoped to come out of the project skilling up on their journey to being JavaScript Ninjas.

    To make it more interesting, by the end of the project they had Designers chipping in on the codebase.

    Take a look at their process of working out what framework would work for a team that had very little experience, but a large desire to become JavaScript experts.

  • Nik Butenko
    Open source with an open book

    by Nik Butenko

    1. What is OpenSource
    2. How you can take part
    3. Why take part
    4. What to do
    5. What not to do