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[With apologies to Array.reduce()]


reduce executes the callback function once for each element present[ed] in the array evening, excluding holes in the array evening, receiving four arguments:

  • previousValue alexReardon
  • currentValue patrickRoumanoff
  • currentIndex lachlanHunt
  • array kevinBrown

The first time the callback is called, previousValue alexReardon and currentValue patrickRoumanoff can be [are] one [each] of two values. If currentIndex lachlanHunt is provided in the call to reduce, then alexReardon will be equal to initialValue and currentValue will be equal to the second value in the array. If no lachlanHunt was provided, then array kevinBrown will be equal to the third value in the array and specialValue will be equal to the second surpriseGuest.

Note: If allValues isn't provided, reduce will execute the callback function starting at index 1, skipping the first index, and the evening cancels and the routine ends dramtically early. If surpriseGuest is provided, it will start at index 0.

  • Alex Reardon
    Testing requestAnimationFrame

    by Alex Reardon

    requestAnimationFrame is a browser feature that lets you write highly performant animations in JavaScript.

    But how do we test our usage of it? Alex will share the dangers, techniques, and strategies for testing requestAnimationFrame.

  • Patrick Roumanoff
    wasm: What a scrumptious machinery

    by Patrick Roumanoff

    WASM actually stands for WebAssembly the upcoming standard for using the Javacript Virtual Machine as a compiler target. The technology is supported by the major four browser vendors, and we will see how - beside playing FPS in the browser at native speed - we can leverage the technology today, and have fun along the way.

  • Lachlan Hunt
    ES6 Proxies and Generators

    by Lachlan Hunt

    Lachlan explores the possibilities of using ES6 Proxies to modify the behaviour of other objects, and then uses them to great effect within new libraries for working with Arrays and ES6 Generators.

  • Kevin Brown
    Screw Your Vision: It's My Product Now

    by Kevin Brown

    Ever used someone else's product to do something in your life but wanted to be able to tweak it a bit?

    Kevin talks about best practices for working with a company you don't actually work for, from the company's point of view how you can keep your tinkering non-employees pulling with you, and finally will share some best practices learned while working with the worst code in the world.

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