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We always meet on the third Wednesday of the month, except when we don't. And we aren't.

And we always have great presentations on the kind of JavaScript we work with everyday. No exceptions there :P
Not even one to prove the rule. 

Our community is strong and growing each month. And it's through the efforts of our speakers each month that this is happening.*

Grab an RSVP ticket and we'll see you next week, and you can see what I mean!

(* Our speakers and the great support we get from our sponsors!)

  • David Banham
    Mastering PouchDB

    by David Banham

    It's like CouchbDB inside your Web browser

  • Benjamin Lupton
    Chainy: it’s like jQuery but for data.

    by Benjamin Lupton

    In this talk, Benjamin will go over his new project ChainyJS, which he’s used in production heavily since June.

    Currently it's powering his everyday tasks, like a recent client project’s backend api server and redis database interaction. Ben will go over how ChainyJS allows you to write intuitive decoupled code, where you don’t have to worry about callback hell or error handling anymore, and one that finally accomplishes the MicroJS movement without the contextual headaches.

    It’s a new way of writing JavaScript, but hopefully something we’ll all enjoy.

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