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Testing, 1, 2

Testing, 1, 2 ... testing?

Is this thing on?

Keeping our musical theme underway ... it's not just rockstar coders that know the value testing code. Every roadie that's worth their blue singlet knows that they're not going gold unless they get on song with the latest tests.

At some point, some auto-tuned pop-star is going to want to cover your number 1 hit, and when they do you'll want those tests in place.

Join us to get on the testing band wagon!

  • Patrick Quinn-Graham
    It's harder to not start

    by Patrick Quinn-Graham

    We know we should be testing, but it can seem just too hard to get started.

    So let's start a new project, from scratch, with automated testing.

    Now it won't be so hard.

  • Jessie LeungSreeja Gupta
    Automated Testing 101 - How-To's & Horror Stories

    by Jessie Leung, Sreeja Gupta

    Let's get started!

    An overview of the types of tests, Test Driven Development, the Testing Pyramid, and just what makes a good unit test.

  • Fagner Brack
    Mocking and False Positives

    by Fagner Brack

    Sometimes, when using mocking, certain conditions can yield astonishing results with a risk of producing a test that passes for a code that still doesn't work as intended.
    We will see the example of a code that fails a common expectation, with alternative solutions that could fix it.
  • Andrei RaileanAndrei RaileanAndrei Railean
    ESLint helps you write good code

    by Andrei Railean, Andrei Railean, Andrei Railean

    ESLint is a pluggable JavaScript linter. A pluggable and configurable linter tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript. It helps you maintain your code quality with ease.
    We'll take an overview of coding standards and what makes code easier to read and maintain, and demo of ESLint and how to plug it into any JavaScript project.