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The night before SydJS

No more tickets...

This month we're taking a leaf out of Santa Clause's book and seeing what miracles we can come up with in just the night before SydJS.

One of our speaker's name's is Chris, but try as we might we couldn't find a second speaker named Thomas :(
How good would that have been? The ChrisThomas SydJS? Now that's merry! Say it faster for even more merriment :)

We've also got a lightning talk about taking over Hacker News five hours. Sure, five hours of Hacker News isn't quite Twelve Days of Christmas, but I'm pretty sure you'd rather hear about HN than have 10 minutes of carols?

Our elves have done a seasonally smashing job this year as our jolly-man-in-residence is up closer to the North Pole. so we hope you'll all be full of festive cheer, even though Sharkie isn't near.

  • Christopher Giffard
    Testing node.js sucks

    by Christopher Giffard

    You're right! Testing in node.js sucks.

    Well it can suck, but you can do something about it.

    We'll have a brief outline of the challenges of testing in node, some pragmatic solutions, as well as some outlandish ideas for the future.

  • Sebastian McKenzie
    Project 6to5

    by Sebastian McKenzie

    6to5 turns ES6+ code into vanilla ES5, so you can use next generation features today.

    • Readable - your generated code is as familiar as possible.
    • Extensible - a large range of plugins and browser support.
    • Lossless - debug your compiled code with ease.
    • Compact - maps directly to the equivalent ES5 with no runtime*.
  • Jed Watson
    Show SydJS

    by Jed Watson

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than Show HN - or Show Hacker News - we bring you Show SydJS.

    A new way to build mobile apps with JavaScript, powered by React.js

  • Nik Butenko
    Truly modular AngularJS

    by Nik Butenko

    Sneak peek on building and testing modular AngularJS application with Webpack

75 people are attending

  • John V
  • HOJA M A
  • Steve Gilles
  • James Smith
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  • Vito Belgiorno-Zegna
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