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Learning from Legends

Since before the very first SydJS, our commnunity has had the support and acknowledgement of the team from Atlassian. Personnel and pizza … beverages and benches … Atlassian have been there for us exhibiting the Lengendary Support that's a hallmark of their company.

And as the community has grown, so has Atlassian, although to be fair, they've outstripped us in the growth stakes.

But that's not meant that they're outgrowing us. Many of their team got their first taste of Atlassian by attending a meetup Atlassian'd hosted, and it's why we like to showcase some of the passion that the growing team of Atlassian JavaScript developers exhibits every day.

If you want to see the kind of projects and passions the Atlassian team are famous for, then join us this month as we learn from the legends.

  • Jamie Georgeson
    this is fine

    by Jamie Georgeson

    Join Jamie as he introduces the rules and considerations with this, new ES2015+ considerations.

  • Drew Walker
    Long-term asset caching with webpack

    by Drew Walker

    Drew will be sharing the strategies Atlassian have employed in Confluence for caching JavaScript assets with the help of CloudFront and webpack.

  • Lucy Bain
    Learn with

    by Lucy Bain

    This session will introduce you to Exercism, a platform to practice coding, give and get feedback, and find the devil in the details. After discussing why Exercism's is a great way to learn I'll do a quick demo to submit an exercise so you can see the platform in action.

  • Brad Baker
    A gentle introduction to GraphQL

    by Brad Baker

    A gentle introduction to GraphQL for people who have heard of it, and wonder what all the hoopla is about.

  • Marco de Jongh
    Extending Confluence with Connect

    by Marco de Jongh

    Simple! Build awesome add-ons for Confluence using Connect.

  • Lachlan Hunt
    Making a JIRA REST API Client with ES6

    by Lachlan Hunt

    Lachlan will explain how he made use of ES6 template strings and Proxies to create a JIRA REST API client library with lazy method generation.

  • Ben Gummer
    webpack as a service

    by Ben Gummer

    Introducing a webpack bundling endpoint that's handy for prototyping your npm packages in lightweight environments.

  • Marcin Szczepanski
    webpack weight loss tips

    by Marcin Szczepanski

    webpack makes it easy to add and use dependencies, but what happens when your bundle gets too big? Tips for working out what's in your bundle, and some approaches for reducing the size.

  • Stanislav Sysoev
    Aik — Painless prototyping for Front End Developers

    by Stanislav Sysoev

    A look at prototpying for those who tire of setting up a development environment each time they want to prototype something, or try a new library or framework.