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SydJS | SydCSS crossover

The only thing better than getting to go to CODE in Sydney this week will be getting to go to CODE this week and getting to go to the special SydJS | SydCSS cross over event.

Off the back of our exceptional SydJS Testing Takeover last week, we bring you even more great Web Development action in Sydney.

CODE are helping us out by having two of their international guests present for you on the eve of their conference. It'll be standing room only, so make sure you get your RSVP. The SydCSS tickets have already sold out — don't miss yours!

  • Stephanie Rewis
    Lessons learned — Building a CSS framework

    by Stephanie Rewis

    Share some lessons learned and challenges faced, on the journey to build a stable but incredibly flexible enterprise CSS framework for the Salesforce Lightning Design System.

    Stephanie and Salesforce made some unique decisions, and experienced some growing pains around refactoring, BEM naming, rapid adoption across disparate verticals, and deprecation among other things.

  • Tim Kadlec
    An image, told in a 1000 words

    by Tim Kadlec

    Not just looking at the big picture, Kadlec's presentation will take us from the theory of adding images to Web pages, down to focus on how browsers deal with those images.

    Since Netscape Navigator 2 we've had images on the Internet, know we're going to learn just how they get there!