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Official Intelligence

No matter which library you prefer, or which stack, or even which precompiler you support - one thing is inevitable. There's a human behind it.

Behind the boilerplate, behind the package management, behind next month's answer to a problem that doesn't exist yet, there's a human.

This month at SydJS we're going to celebrate some of that humanity.

Thinking about humans when you code.
Making code think more like a human.
Helping human's see past that natural ecoding.

If you're a human, you'd be mad to not get along to SydJS this week.

Artificial Intelligence or Official Intelligence? 

  • Fiona Chan
    Hacking Humans Publicly

    by Fiona Chan

    Public speaking is something most people fear, yet it is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

    In this talk, Fiona will share her personal experience in public speaking, and how that has changed her. She will look at ways people can get started and beat this fear.

  • Nikolay Nemshilov
    Genetic Algorithms in JavaScript

    by Nikolay Nemshilov

    How to build a simple AI in JavaScript and use it to find solutions to really hard problems

  • Justin Anderson
    I declare, therefore I am

    by Justin Anderson

    Before a computer runs a program, often a developer will attempt to run the program in their mind by reasoning about what should happen.

    This talk focuses on thinking plainly about the language features in JavaScript itself. It addresses the kind of guarantees the language's features do and don't have, and what those features help us understand what is happening in our programs.

  • Ian Grunert
    Spinning a yarn about NPM

    by Ian Grunert

    According to Facebook — Yarn is a fast, reliable, and secure alternative NPM client.

    This lightning talk is a look at what Facebook are doing to solve some of the package management issues of the past. Consistency, security, and performance.