The mentors who are part of SydJS. Should you be here? Join us!

Aaron Powell
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Adrian-Cristian Raduti
Alabê Duarte
ruby, javascript
Alex Busu
Alex Dickson
Alex Sexton
JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, i18n
Allan Waddell
JavaScript, Sencha Touch, Coffee, iOS, Android, Node, Lean + Agile shtoofMore coffee... zzzZzzZzzz
Andrei Railean
Andrew Harvey
Maps, Mapbox
Andrew Stone
C, C#, Go, JavaScript, Linux, Microcontrollers (IoT) and can also help with asynchronous & distributed systems design.
Andri Möll
Dim sum
André Venâncio
WebGL, CoffeeScript, WebAudio
Andy Luu
C, Javascript, NodeJs, React, Angular
Andy Wong
Anoop Varghese
JavaScript reatjs
Anthony Sceresini
Continuous Delivery; Continuous Integration; Agile methodologies; main-line development; AWS including EC2, ECS, Lambda, API Gateway; Docker; Build servers including ConcourseCI, GoCD, TeamCity, TravisCI; NodeJS; Ruby on Rails; ReactJS; Redux; Webpack; PostgreSQL; MySQL; Test Driven Development; test pyramid; creating reliable, performant functional test automation with stubbing; contract testing.
Anvar pk
Arunan Skanthan
HTML, CSS, Design, UX, JS (Intermediate)JS Advanced (MVC, Testing, Patterns)
iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Ruby, Node, UX, basic logo design☕️🍺🍲🍝🍕💰
Barack John
Ben Wong
Benjamin Lupton
JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Open-Source, Evangelism, PhilosophyDesigners, Moneyless
Bilal Akil
Web technologies. Database technologies. Different kinds of programming languages. Software architecture. How to have fun, practice and learn more about programming.More people to enjoy programming!
Bliss Tantric
Boris Bozic
UI / UX / Interaction Design SkilzWarm and fuzzy feelings
Cathy Lill
Javascript, HTML, CSS, Careera beer
Charles Lee
Charlie Gerard
Christian Rich
Node.js, JavaScript, API, Swagger
Christopher Turner
JS, PHP, HTML, CSS, Node.js
Daisy Mo
free sample is avvailableSGS CE ROHS UL
Damian Smith
Java, NodeJS, C/C++, Python, Android, Cordova, Ionic, Web Dev Stuff, Spring, Backend Everything, Embedded Magic More pizza, more toys
Dan Turner
Daniel Del Core
JS, CSS, HTML, React, Angular, Threejs
Dave Sag
Javascript, Coffeescript, OS X, Business skillsNode.js, Sails.js
David Collien
David Han
js, css, sass, html, php, jasmine, protractor, angular, backbone, jquery, and bits of groovy, sql, javanodejs, groovy
David Hong
Dean McPherson
JS (node, web, es5, es6, react, react-native, angular, etc) / PHP / HTML / CSS / basic ops / AWS / UI / UX / lots more..
Devendra Yadav
Dominic Lovell
Dongsheng Cai
Draco Cheng
Dries Geeroms
Dylan Fogarty-MacDonald
Edwin Lmbert
Emmanuel Fallancy
JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++, Java
Essential Balance
Fast Cover
Find Movers
Hasnae Rehioui
Java, NodeJs
Hugh Kennedy
WebGL, GLSL shaders, d3.js, dataviz, design, arduino, node.js, browserify/npm/modularity, HTML5 gamedevFellow graphics tinkerers
Jack Jeffress
James Salter
baying customersthe web to win
James Smith
Jason Berry
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Jeremy Nagel
React, Vanilla JS, ExpressIoT, AWS
Joe Wong
Ruby, JSScala, Python
Joeri Boudewijns
John Bristowe
John Van Der Loo
JavaScript, Node.JS, CSS, HTML
Jonathan Barnett
Jonathan Conway
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, jQueryiOS (Native), Android (Native)
Joseph Glanville
Lots of experience in the OSS world, Ruby, Python, C.To learn the other side of the coin, Microsoft stack, C#, System Center, Server 2012
Joshua Freislich
javascript, extjs, SPA, bootstrap, angularjs
Joshua Russell
NodeJs, PHP, Symfony2PSD
Karan Prasad
Python, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, CRuby, Node.js
Kev Read
Kevin Adistambha
Javascript, python, scala, haskell, sqlRuby, c++
Kevin K.
Entrepreneurship, Digital Product Development, FullStack Js with Node, React, ReactNative, UXUser Experience Designers
Kevin K.
Nodejs, Angular, React, AWS, MongoDb, Docker, Android, UX, Design
enthusiasm and curiositymore skills to satisfy my own curiosity and enthusiasm
Lachlan Hardy
Litao Wei
Luca Vidale
MEAN Stack, Android Dev, iOS DevCloud Architecture
Luis Caceres
Core JavaScript (EcmaScript)Node.js
Luke Schoen
jQuery, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Objective-C, ExtendScript, InDesign ExtensionsAspiring Entrepreneurs, Games, Coffee (the drink)
M Haidar Hanif
JavaScript, Node.js, REST APIDevOps
Manoj Kumar
Marco Lavielle
Matias Corbanini
Javascript, git
Matt Colman
Javascript, React, Games dev
Mehdi Valikhani
Node, React, JavaScript, Github, API
Michael Parker
Angular, HTM5, CSS3, Gulp, Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure, SASS, NodeMocha, Continuous Integration, Deployment
Michael Staas
Mike James
Node.JS, React, React-Native, Redux, Mongo, SQL, Sequelize a JS Job in Sydney or Melbourne
Mike Riethmuller
JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Node, SassNode, React
Mikkel Bergmann
Mitch Flindell
javascript, php, java, android, css, html, node.jsjavascript, php, java, android, css, html, node.js
Mohamed Meligy
Moreshwar Dalvi
HTML, CSS, Angular JS 1, BootstrapJavaScript, Angular JS 2, Node JS, React JS
CSS, HTML, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, CodeIgnighter, CouchDBMore Backbone, More Couch, Node.JS
Mrrw Kristen
Nathan Mors
Nathan Tran
JS, NodeJs, GraphQL, React, React NativeMachine Learning, Deep Learning, Unity, ARKit
Nigel Chapman
PHP + Composer/Zend/Symfony/DoctrineJS MVVM Frameworks generally
Nik Butenko
JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Microservices, Docker, AWS
Nikolay Nemshilov
no doggy, i have no shiny shoes
Nosh Ghazanfar
Patrick Roumanoff
javascript, java, maven
Paul Korzhyk
Python, JS, Angular, jQuery, CSS, JavaUX Design, Customer Development, Growth Hacking
Paul Korzhyk
JS, CSS, HTML, AngularJS, ReactJS, Angular 2.0, Node, Python, Java, C++web design, UX, lean startup, business, customer development
Piotr Plewa
Dojo, Backbone, React,, Cordova/PhoneGap, Node
Rami Abdelwahed
Java, C#, JavaScript
Ray Dai
Javascript, Angular 1Nodejs, rxjs, immutable,flux, react
Rayen Bene
Remus Mate
Node.js, ES6, ReactUX, Design
Richard Stephens
Rob Howard
Flow(type), Functional Programming (FP), Haskell, PureScript, Ruby
Rob Rohan
Rohit Kumar
ruby, python
Rozario Chivers
ES6, React, Redux, Vanilla JavaScript, ActionScript 3, Mobile HTML5, CSS3, UXD, Graphic Design, Component Architecture, UI Test AutomationNode.js, GraphQL, JSONStream
Ryan Braganza
Java, JavaScript, Ruby
Ryan Yu
Sam Day
Sam Logan
JS, React, ReactNative
Sam Logan
JS, React, ReactNative
Saransh Sharma
Sasha Gerrand
Saurabh Bhatia
ruby, rails, javascript, html, css, postgresql, elascticsearch, mongodb, aws, coffeescriptreact js
Saurabh Gattani
HTML,CSS,jquery,backbone,marionette,angular,ractive,perl,python,php,C,C++VHDL, Verilog, Java,.net,Errlang, UX design
Sean Curtis
CSS, HTMLJavaScript
Sheeraz Naeem
Shine Li
Functional JS, Haskell
Simon Litchfield
Simon Swain
Simon Taggart
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Taylor luk
HTML5, JS experience. Rubymotion
Tia Sorensen
Operations, Marketing, Event & Sales
Tici Andrade
HTML, CSS, jQueryJacvascritp, Meteor, Node.js
Todd Moore
Javascript, CSS3, HTML, React, AngularJS, Backbone, Node
Tony Tsui
JavaScript, Agile, TDD
Trent Millar
Node, Express, Cordova,...
Trey Shugart
HTML, CSS, JavaScript (server and client), PHP
Trimikha Valentius
Javascript, HTML5, GameDev, NodeJS, ReactJS, Express, PhaserJS, PixiJS, Mongoose, Azure, Continuous Integration, Developing high performance software appsBeer or Coffee
VLad Novak
Viljami Peltola
JavaScript, Node.jsGame Development
pawsopposable thumbs
William Archinal
Django, Python, CSS, React, JavaScript, AI, Machine Learning, PostgreSQL
Xuanyi Chew
Zaheer Ahmed
Android, C++, Java, XMLComputer Security
blackmagic vashikaranspecialist
dqasd asd
frederic TURIOT
php nodejscss
imran raza
Java, SpringMVC, Oracle 10g, HTML, JavaScriptAngularJS, Bootstrap, TypeScript
inzin inzin
isaac ishaya
patrick kettner
Javascript, HTML, CSS
rowan Udell
steve mao
Web technologies
test2 test2
thequartz dharamshala
yun sunny
HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, UX, UI
Adam Ahmed
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, SQL, WindowsEntrepreneurship, AU business regulations
Jacob Bass
Chris Darroch
CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Git
Sam Day
Node.JS / HTML / CSS / Devops / GitUX / Design / Inspiration
Geoffrey Donaldson
JavaScript, Rich Front End, Large Scale JS, Sproutcore, EmberJS
Steve Haffenden
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Gabe Hollombe
JavaScript, CoffeeScript, HTML5 Game Tech, Git, Vim
David Hong
JavaScript, HTML5 Game Tech, Backbone.js, Mobile, Git, Vim
Brian McKenna
altJS, JavaScript, Haskell, Emacs
Dave Neale
Aaron Powell
JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, Windows 8, HTML, UI, Git
Simon Rumble
Web analytics JS: Omniture, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, behavioural tracking and targetingMore people who understand JS to get into analytics