Jed Watson

Jed Watson

Member since May 2019

Javascript enthusiast, entrepreneur, creator of KeystoneJS.

  • Nov20
  • Mar19
    A faster than lightning(talk) CMS

    Creating a content managed node.js site in less time than a lightning talk. Lightining can strike twice!

  • Jun18
    Web Components - Hardening the future

    Introducing the state of Web Components for tomorrow and making them work today with / Polymer / et al

  • Nov19
    Reacting to the Future of JavaScript

    What is Browserify?
    Why would you React?
    What do node and npm have to do with the client-side? And how would you Yeoman yourself out of this mess?

    These questions, and more, answered.

  • Dec17
    Show SydJS

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than Show HN - or Show Hacker News - we bring you Show SydJS.

    A new way to build mobile apps with JavaScript, powered by React.js

  • Nov18
    What you'd see at Tennessee

    Jed's back from presenting at Nodevember and will take a look at how, by bringing new ideas to old problems, we can make node.js more accessible and powerful for a new generation of developers.

  • Aug23
    Keystone, and what we have learned to do by engaging in Open Source

    Being engaged in open source has helped Thinkmill grow. It is for us, both an ideal and an important part of how we write software. Here are some of the core learnings we have gained along the way.

  • Feb21
  • Sep19
    React Select v2 and the future

    In December last year, over one in seven people installing react-dom also installed react-select.

    The orginal project had grown way beyond Jed's original use-case and had become one of the most popular react components: with nearly a million downloads per month.

    In January this year, Jed and the team undertook a huge body of work to modernise react-select and to make it even more successful.

    In July this year, 6 months, 11 Alpha releases, 7 Beta releases, well over 120 features, and 2 breaking features later saw the release of version 2.0.0

    What's ahead?