a11y, A11y, or A11Y?

Wednesday 15 Jun 2016 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

a11y, A11y, or A11Y?

“a11y”… that’s a – eleven – y, is the shorthand for “accessibility”. We should say it a lot, so yeah, finding efficiencies make ssense. But which one is correct?

If you're casually talking about accessibility, as you should, then a11y is right in the money.

If you're talking about the community focused on accessibility, or the values it promotes, then you're probably straying into proper noun territory, so I'd opt for A11y.

If you're declaring just how important Big A or Little a accessibility is, then feel free to go All Caps and A11Y.

Really, it's not too important how you write it out, the important thing is that you adopt it as part of everyday practice.

So come and join Isabel Brison as she leads the next SydJS takeover, and find out just how you can do that!

  • Kate Andrews

    Making content accessible (to actual people)

    by Kate Andrews

    A look at the bits of content accessibility that can't be automatically built or tested.

  • aimee maree

    JavaScript Frameworks and Accessibility

    by aimee maree

    It seems like every other day there is a new JavaScript framework being announced. The jobs are plenty and the websites and apps being built many. But what about accessibility? this evening I wish to present to the meet up a brief breakdown of some of the top JS frameworks in use (Angular, Ember, React, Polymer) and provide a small overview of the pros and cons of each for accessibility and assistive technologies such as screen readers.

  • Corey Knight

    Screen Reader Concepts

    by Corey Knight

    In this talk we'll look into the capabilities of screen readers -- the interface between visually-impaired users and computers.

    We'll be investigating the following questions:
     - What are the shortcuts that these users are capable of?
     - How do they navigate, and how do they perceive your content?

    Exploring these questions is the first step toward creating accessible sites and apps.

  • Marzena S

    Learn you some accessibility the hard way

    by Marzena S

    Lessons learned when flying blindly into developing for accessibility for the first time. An exercise in challenging our own biases to create usable services for all.

  • Dominik Wilkowski

    My favourite A11y things, or why A11y doesn’t stop with screen readers

    by Dominik Wilkowski

    An expanded look at the accessibility of privacy, how to help your open source project to be more inclusive and the large ramifications of tabs vs spaces.

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