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Showcase: Thinkmill

Wednesday 23 Aug 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Thinkmill have been a strong supporter of both the Sydney JavaScript Community, and also SydJS. The team are regular speakers at SydJS and other industry groups such as React Sydney

They regularly work with well-funded Startups and large companies, providing business critical advice, mentoring, and solutions. Take a minute to meet the team!

[Showcase is the SydJS initiative to showcase the very best teams working with JavaScript in Sydney.

You can expect to be introduced to global companies, national companies, local companies, startups, and even entrepreneurs. Meet the team members, teams, and cultures that can help form the next steps of your career.]

  • Jed Watson

    Keystone, and what we have learned to do by engaging in Open Source

    by Jed Watson

    Being engaged in open source has helped Thinkmill grow. It is for us, both an ideal and an important part of how we write software. Here are some of the core learnings we have gained along the way.

  • Boris Bozic

    Design Thinking

    by Boris Bozic

    Being a consultancy requires not just delivering on what a client asks for, but also helping solve their problems, engaging with them to find what they are trying to achieve, and embracing solving their problems holistically.

  • Mike James

    Moving Through Solutions

    by Mike James

    Thinkmill has worked with Jerrick Media to move its magazine websites from a few verticals running off wordpress to a streamlined publishing process, with an ease to launch new sites. Mike James will be digging in to how we used Server Side Rendering to help us out, and upgrading our own tech stack.

  • John Molomby

    Blueshyft — Scaling from startup to a complex business solution

    by John Molomby

    A different project, a different time. Sometimes the solution a client is looking for is not one app, but many. If you know you will have many services to offer, but don’t know what they will be yet, how do you build flexibility in at the architectural level?