SydJS Meetup
Apr 2020

Showcase: Jamm on Jamm


We're not getting much response from's email servers, so no one has the link yet. Let's release the kraken, and add the link here:

See you in the App!

As a special event, we've asked the folks behind the new Video Collaboration App, Jamm, to showcase their application, their team, and their company.

And to make it even more special, they're going to do the showcase on the Application Platform they've built!

We going to keep it to 30 or so Community members tonight, as we're all basically taking part in stress testing Jamm, but once we've gotten our sea-legs grab on tight as we'll be taking to the high seas sooner than you can say "social distancing".


⚡️ Lightning Talk ⚡️

Welcome to Jamm

by Adam Ullman

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