SydJS Meetup
Feb 2020

Atlassian All Stars: 2020

Level 6, 341 George Street, Sydney

SydJS is always proud to showcase teams and companies in our community that go above and beyond to create experiences and code that set benchmarks for quality and longevity.

The code grows and evolves across time — sometimes providing staff and customer stability and sometimes providing the same staff and customers new opportunity.

One of the teams we're lucky enough to get to showcase each year is our very own principle sponsor, Atlassian.

Atlassian has stood beside SydJS every month for over 10 years and their contribution to keeping our community buoyant isn't just in beer and pizza, but in support and inspiration of a great team of Developers that encourage the community at every meeting


Marcin Szczepanski Avatar

JavaScript debugging: the hard way

by Marcin Szczepanski

The Duck Tales

by Anton Korzunov
Michael Dougall Avatar

Change your world with Typescript Transformers

by Michael Dougall
Ajay Mathur Avatar

The Future of In-Product Apps

by Ajay Mathur
Alexey Shpakov Avatar

Safely deploying JIRA frontend

by Alexey Shpakov

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