SydJS Meetup
Oct 2019

As a Junior, as a Senior, and as a Lead

Level 6, 341 George Street, Sydney

All too often we're so busy struggling with code to see how powerful that code is and to see how much nuance that code can give us. Few of us work for a company and with a team that values being able to develop a solution that really empowers Developers in the way that Seek empower their team. You may have seen Seek's Open Source design system, Braid,

If you don't happen to work with Seek, what can you do? We're here to help you. 

One thing we all need to do as Developers is deliver code, and we'll show you ways to make that delivery work for you. Next up, we'll take a practical look at some TypeScript which will allow you to focus on being creative and allowing your type system to do what it does best. And what better way to be creative than to take a deep dive back into colour? Additive? Subtractive? It's all addictive!


Nathan Simpson Avatar

Manipulating colour in JavaScript

Colours in Web Development are an interesting space; there are multiple formats for representing colours, and manipulating them to create new colours.
In this talk, Nathan will discuss his experiment building a JavaScript app that manipulates colours to create new shades, and what he learnt about colours and algorithms along the way.

by Nathan Simpson
Rob Howard Avatar

Fewer Bugs with Better TypeScript Types

A quick tour through some ways we can make our Types work harder for us, to prevent unwanted nasties creeping in.

We'll cover 'shrinking' our types to better fit our problems, how to avoid repeating yourself, some TypeScript quirks to avoid, how to avoid repeating yourself, and we'll think about some TypeScript fundamentals in a different way.

by Rob Howard

Design and Delivery from the Trenches

JavaScript's flexibility allows us to build out features that push the boundaries of our products and deliver value to our users. But this same flexibility can all too often bind and restrict us, hammering our confidence and causing us to ship regressions.

Join Jacob on a tour of strategies and techniques your team can use to navigate feature delivery in a JavaScript codebase, as a junior, as a senior, and as a lead.

by Jacob Bass

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