SydJS Meetup
Sep 2019

Creating Community

Level 6, 341 George Street, Sydney

Over the past few events we've had some truly creative solutions to problems both large and small. And the inspiration those presentations provided aren't about to stop this month.

We're going to hear from a new, local Developer from our Community, an experienced Developer who's new to our Community, and a Developer who fits snugly into the middle.

We'll learn how to listen to the telltale signs from our Applications, and learn how to literally talk to our Applications. 


Lessons for Front-end engineering at scale

As Front-end engineering scales to the complexity we might more typically assign to Back-end endeavours, we need to investigate which Patterns and Learnings from the Back-end and its services can be transferred.

We'll look at this transfer from a high-level and will explore opportunities —and even a little philosophy — that will allow us to lean on lessons that a scaled Back-end has already learnt.

Progressive Rendering

Modern Web applications can become increasingly costly in terms of size and can result in slower page load times on slower networks.

Client Side Rendering (CSR) can become a bottleneck in those networks, and Server Side Rendering (SSR) can become a bottleneck when large volumes of content need to be generated on the fly.

Conversely, Progressive Rendering (PR) is a technique that allows us to flash portions of a webpage to the browser as soon as they are rendered without having to wait for the whole page to be rendered.

This talk will demonstrate effective ways to progressively render a webpage from the server to the client and highlight important performance aspects of rendering modern websites.

In conversation with a browser

Voice assistants have taken off, but can we build our own with web technologies?

Phil ha been building bots for other platforms, but wanted to investigate how well one could work in the browser. Can we talk to a web application and get results?

Let's dive into the Web Speech API, speech synthesis, and conversation design. We'll find out whether browsers can be virtual assistants or virtually useless.

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