SydJS Meetup
Jul 2019

From learning machinations to Machine Learning

Atlasssian HQ, Level 6, 341 George St

Whether your company is a start-up and the team are hell bent on adding value and features, or your company is already up and running and adding value and features is BAU for you, it's undeniable that creativity is what is going to be driving you.

We use libraries to handle tasks so we can focus on creativity. We outsource tasks so we can focus on creativity. We start companies so we can focus on creativity. And we even train machines to do tasks so we can focus on creativity.

We're going to look at two ends of the spectrum on Wednesday. We'll get introduced to some of the next generation of companies being incubated in Sydney so you can get a taste for where new creativity is coming from, and we'll get a chance to farewell Charlie as she heads off on the next stage of her adventure as a Creative Coder as she tackles the US.


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SydJS Meetup

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