SydJS Meetup
May 2019

Keystone Launch

Atlasssian HQ, Level 6, 341 George St

Five years after the first public anouncement of KeystoneJS and the launch of our SydJS site, Thinkmill returns with a completely rebuilt platform and are excited to show it off! 

And in true SydJS style, everything is open source so you can play along at work and home.

Join us to learn more about the future of KeystoneJS and see the reveal of our new website 🌏


Jed Watson Avatar

Introducing Keystone 5 🎉

It's an exciting moment to be able to share Version 5 of Keystone after 12 months in the making. Jed’s talk takes you through the background as to why Keystone came into existence and what it has now become with this alpha release of Version 5.

Jed talks to why there was a technology change from previous versions and which of these are standouts for the DX. He shares some of the vision for the ongoing direction for Keystone ultimately taking you through some demo’s of the key features.

by Jed Watson
Jed Watson AvatarTim Leslie Avatar

Keystone 5 - Under the hood

Keystone is a powerful application development platform for the modern web. It provides sensible defaults for rapid development while being extensible in any number of ways.

Join us for a tour of the Keystone 5 backend where we’ll discuss its query stack, mutation lifecycle and field types. We'll also do a code walk-through and a live demo of a minimal Keystone system 🤞

by Jed Watson and Tim Leslie
Jess Telford Avatar

5 minute guide to getting started with Keystone v5

A live demo of just how quick you can get a Keystone v5 Application up and running. BONUS: For the remaining 25 minutes, get a crash course in defining schemas which generate powerful GraphQL queries!

by Jess Telford
Nathan Simpson Avatar

How I prototyped a social network in Keystone 5

A demonstration and deep-dive of how Nathan is prototyping The Garage, a social network for car lovers, using React Native and Keystone 5.

by Nathan Simpson

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