SydJS Meetup
May 2018

Showcase: Tokbox

Level 6, 341 George St (Atlassian)

This month at SydJS we showcase another global company, but one that you might not know unless you've looked into cloud-based video, voice and messaging. If you have, TokBox's OpenTok PaaS offering would have been high on your choices of WebRTC solutions—and likely at the top of that list.

In their words they're "changing the way people communicate online."

TokBox are a leader in WebRTC technology, and provide the leading cloud platform for adding live video, voice, and messaging to your web and mobile applications. They believe that integrating real-time communication into products should be simple — whether you’re developing an app for one-to-one calls, group chat, or large-scale broadcast.

Meet their Australian team. Learn about their company and goals. Find out abou the great opportunities that TobBox provides, both to the Community and their staff.



Powering Creativity Through Communications

In this presentation Adam will demonstrate how to build a simple video chat app using OpenTok and then give some examples of the creative things our Customers are doing.

These examples will include applications to help the blind see, help you learn a language from a native speaker, and even help robots with food delivery.

by Adam Ullman
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New JavaScript is the best JavaScript

ESnext is here but what can I actually use and why?

With the latest version of Node.js and the latest browsers, lots of the cool parts of ESnext are available to use now. Modules? Yep! Async/Await? Yep! Let’s see how they can make a code base better and easier to develop with.

by Patrick Quinn-Graham
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React Video Chat

Aiham will introduce us to Building OpenTok Apps with React and React-Native.

Join in on a walkthrough of how to build OpenTok Web, Desktop and Native applications using React and React-Natve.

by Aiham Hammami

Stable: PASS; Latest: RUNNING

Even the most tedious Testing can be an adventure: from well-known frameworks to a new way of testing.

Alberto provides us with a little introduction of technologies, methodologies, and best practices which actually work in our scenario, and new things TokBox are trying out to improve upon and, of course, to have fun!

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