SydJS Meetup
Sep 2013

September 2013

Level 6, 341 George St (Atlassian)

DocPads, Deployments, and Double-ups - oh my!

Join us in September for some great insights into real world JavaScript challenges. 

Get an insight into making choices, living with those choices, and then making a living with your choices.



DocPad - How, when, where, and why

by Benjamin Lupton

Rant, Rant, Rant (lightning talk)

by Damon Oehlman

Deploy Your Node - IaaS and PaaS players from a NodeJS perspective

by David Banham

JavaScript and CSS - Totally changing the course of human history

by Nikolay Nemshilov

In Sydney and into JavaScript?
You need to join our meetup!

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month you'll find us talking about what we're doing and what's happening around us in the world of JavaScript.

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