SydJS Meetup
Nov 2013


Level 6, 341 George St (Atlassian) – Enter via the side door in Wynyard Street

Nodevember - Now why isn't that a thing?

A project on Github that hasn't seen action for four months? Not good enough! We're going to redress that balance with some Aussie flair - a couple of Node endeavours that will have you looking differently at the platform that has had us looking differently at JavaScript.

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KeystoneJS – A head-start on the features you need

by Jed Watson
Simon Swain Avatar

Berzerk – Interactive charting via Backbone

by Simon Swain
Ben Wong Avatar

A node-powered arcade machine

We built an arcade machine from scratch using nodeJS.  Come and find out what it took to get this thing up and running.

by Alex Dickson and Ben Wong
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